Looking for more in your next team builder?

What we offer for team building events go far beyond our ticket price. As host to the #1 team builder in America, we not only offer a fantastically fun time out with the office, we offer an optional evaluation and verbal analysis on your strong points for each person, as well as an option for everyone on the team, including spots that could have been improved upon. RRE's patented analysis experience (one of only two in the nation!) combines social psychology and workplace sociology into theatrical flow analysis to quickly, and accurately, break down a group's dynamics into accessible data. This is something you will only find with Raleigh Room Escapes, let alone the RDU Area! The best part is, you'll be having so much fun trying to escape, that no one will even think they're working! For more information, check out our different Group Options below!

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Group Options:

Weekday showtimes @ 2:00 & 4:00 - Mix & match shows according to how many you're looking to bring & as availability allows. All shows are first come, first serve. It is recommended to book 2-3 weeks in advance. We can accommodate up to 34 participants at once and 6 observers between our three experiences (split into groups of 12, 12, and 10). 

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Groups of 13-34 People

Our facility can hold up to 34 at one time if Quarantine, Trapped In A Room With A Zombie: Mutation and Contain The Tramping Ground are all booked for your group. You may mix and match shows according to the size of your group and interest using the information in options above. Keep in mind Quarantine holds 4-10 people, Trapped In A Room With A Zombie holds 8-12 people, and Escape The Tramping Ground holds 6-12 people. Pricing is stated per show above.

Groups of 35 People or More

For groups larger than 34, back to back sessions will need to be scheduled as we do not have multiple rooms with the same show within them.

For live ticket availability click "Book Now!" 

All purchases are FINAL. Read & Review all ticket information prior to completion of your booking. 


Get The MOST Out Of Your Team Builder

If you're looking for a fun time out with the office, friends, or family, part of your ticket price includes what we call a "Curtain Call" where each member will receive a fun recap of what they did while battling for their life!

If you're looking for more enhanced team building, you've come to the right place! Our "General Analysis" can be purchased as an Add-On with your Private Event order for $10 a show. This analysis is part of our patended process and will focus on contructive feedback for your group as a whole.

Our "Full Verbal Analysis" focuses on both the group as a whole, as well as what each individual brought to the group that either pushed them foward as a team or held them back. This analysis is longer than our typical debrief, focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in addition to the group and how that corrolates to the workplace, and is offered in a constructive way that is ideal for building your team for the best advancement. This option is available at check out for an additional cost of $40 per session.

Our "Full Verbal & Written Analysis" is the "Full Verbal Analysis" with a write-up option that is emailed to the person who set the event up, the cost is $70 per session and is presented via PDF document (complete with picture and even more information than the Full Verbal Analysis alone) to the contact of the group within 72 business hours of the show.

Timeline of Shows

  • 10-15 minutes for briefing and tips
  • 60 minutes to solving the room
  • 15-20 minutes for debrief and team building analysis
  • Total time spent with us: 90 minutes

When Should I Try to Book?

It is recommended to book with us at least three weeks in advance to ensure you get your first choice in a date and time. You are welcome to request shows not on the Book Now button, however, they will only be made available if we have staff able to work them.

Interested in catering your event?

Raleigh Room Escapes is set up for primarily set up for escape rooms and we find that guests prefer to join up at one of the many bars and restaurants within a 5-10 minutes drive of our facility. A quick list of places near us can be found here.


Further Questions? Let us know!

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Second Date Of Preference
We cannot always guarantee availability for your first date of choice and ask for a second in hopes we can find you an option if at all possible.
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Most common show times Tuesday-Friday for team building are Tuesday-Thursday @ 2:00, 4:30 or 7:00 & Friday 2:00 or 4:30. These events can be found with live availability via the Book Now button!
If you have further questions, please be specific so that we may better answer them with efficiency. If you require a phone call, they must be scheduled in advance and we will still request that you include questions within your email so that the call can be most productive.

Not sold yet? See what our reviewers have to say!

"The analysis was incredible. We mentioned that some of the puzzles seemed odd and our host mentioned that they were based on sociological tropes that indicate long term habits in the office. He pointed out logical fallacies, breakdowns in data, communication, future issues to watch out for, and most importantly showed us how to fix them! Shocked and amazed by how it was presented." - Susan H. via Email Review

"This was a LOT of fun! Do not be thrown by the zombie, this is not a "zombie event" that only nerdy zombie fans like me will enjoy. It is about logic, solving puzzles, working together and working under pressure. The zombie just adds to the adrenaline factor and increases the anxiety, which makes it that much more fun." - Tim H. via Facebook

"Overall a very productive and cool way to spend an hour with a team. A debrief at the end gives you an idea of what your team work style is and what you did well. Overall it was a great Raleigh Room non-Escape, awesome job Team Zed!" - Ron. W. via Yelp

"What a fun experience. Had a blast figuring out puzzles and staying away from the zombie. Very well done and a great time for a small group to join in with strangers or a large group as a team building activity." - Janette L. A. via Facebook

"Great experience! Trapped in a room with a Zombie was fun, creepy, exciting, and scary. It's hard to describe but it tests your team building and intellect. It makes you think outside the box and solve riddles and clues. Everyone should experience this whether it is a corporate outing, birthday party, or family fun! It was awesome!" - Tony G. via Trip Advisor