Create the Cure...or become the Undead. 


Immersion quality: ★★★☆☆
Theatrics: ★★★☆☆

With more cut-and-dry puzzles, this experience is recommended if you are new to escape rooms, but still want the thrill of live performers, soundscapes, theatrical lighting, and choosing your own adventure.

After two years working along side members of the public under the code name Formula Of Escape, Assistant X has finally been able to solve what they believe is the cure to Dr. Oxy's "extreme insanity and cannibalistic behavior." However, once the serum is prescribed, Assistant X realizes they have made a grave mistake. With only minutes to live, you will find both Assistant X and yourselves in very desperate circumstances. Will you be able to find and create the real antidote before it's too late?  


Quick Facts on QUARANTINE

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We are located at 1500 Brookside Drive, Raleigh NC 27604 . Please note that we do not have any onsite ticket sales and that all processing is done online through this site via the Book Now button. 

Tickets will often times sell out 1-2 weeks in advance. If you didn't get a chance to book ahead, consider checking out the availability for our other shows.

Not sold? See what our reviewers have to say!

"Go. Go now. Get a group and go. Friends. Coworkers. Whatever. Go. You'll need people with disparate talents (I won't spoil by saying more) and the all important talent of shutting up! Scary and funny. Stressful and exhilarating." - Matthew K. via Facebook

"So much fun! Great team builder if you're not easily scared. The cast was great; friendly, energetic and fun. Puzzles weren't easy either." - Nick T. via Yelp

"I can say that is very well-done, challenging, exhilarating, funny, fun, and scary in a not-too-scary way." - Lori R. via Yelp

"I highly recommend it to anyone with a love for puzzles and mystery. From the moment the main doors open and they greet you in character, you know you're in for a fantastic afternoon! - Tara S. via Facebook

"A truly unique experience. You get a brain work-out and an adrenaline rush at the same time. It's really hard to describe the experience, and the more you're in the dark at the start the better. So I won't go in to details, but I HIGHLY recommend this." - T. H. T. via Trip Advisor