Binaural Brainwave Box

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Binaural Brainwave Box

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Everyone is familiar with binaural beats, the playing of alpha, beta, and theta waves as specific frequencies to change brainwave patterns. Our sound designer at RRE has taken this to the next level, creating a Binaural Box* that can fill a room with its effects! Want to add to your guest's terror at your haunt? Add suspense and anxiety to your Escape Room as the hour counts down? Add happiness and elation to your favorite workplace soundtrack? This ones for you!


*Copywritten design and intellectual property

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the effects my order makes?

- Absolutely! Each box comes with 8 pre-made binaural patterns (four static and four ascending over time), but if you let us know what you're interested in we can easily work it up!

What if I need something changed?

- Then we'll be glad to change it! We pride ourselves on getting it right, as many drafts as is necessary. 

Does the box need to be for Escape Rooms or Haunts? What else can you use it for?

- Our boxes are used for Escape Rooms, Haunts, stores, research, and even doctors clinics! Since the beats themselves shift brainwaves meant for emotion and states-of-mind, the can be tailored to elevate your guest's experience, whether that be shopping or escaping a room!

Messing with brainwaves sounds odd. Is it dangerous?

- Not in the slightest. The boxes put your brain into a specific state of mind when they're pushing sound; all tests performed by doctors, psychologists, and other leading professionals say that there are no lasting affects, and the sensation ends the second the sound is stopped.