We strive to create memorable experiences from corporate team building to family fun and special times with friends. To do this most efficiently, we have different booking options. Please review the follow information so you can find your best fit!


@ 2:00 & 4:00

For booking a "Private Event" event, these are usually utilized by companies or corporate entities, or groups looking to use the whole room and looking to book for a lower base price than weekend shows. Private Events are also open to additional Team Building options as "Add-Ons" such as our patented General Team Building Analysis, Full Verbal Analysis, and our Full Verbal & Written Analysis. For more information on these, go to our Team Building Page.

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Note: To ensure that only one group is able to purchase into a private show and at the minimum ticket requirement, only 9 tickets are available for sale in Quarantine and 11 for Tramping Ground. To bump this number up to 10 for Quarantine and 12 for Tramping Ground, simply purchase the amount of tickets available then contact us and we will add the remaining ticket on for you.

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For more information on our shows, what makes them different, their themes, sensory awareness and more, go to our Shows Page.

To book a private event, YOU MUST PURCHASE NO LESS THAN THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TICKETS. otherwise your transaction will not processed and you'll receive an error message. We cannot hold or reserve any requested shows as all sales are first come/first serve.

Don't see the show you're most interested in? Need us to add a show in order to accommodate your entire group at once? Contact us with your preferred date and show(s) and we'll work with you as best we can!


@ 6:30 

@ 11:00a, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, & 7:00

This is open for anyone who wants to book! You can pick as many or as few tickets as you want; you'll most likely be with new people in the show itself, but who doesn't like making new friends?

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If you are looking to book the entire room for your group, all tickets available are as follows:


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Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 12.11.55 PM.png

To turn a public show in to a private event, simply purchase all available tickets to that show. If you would like the maximum number of tickets, please email info@raleighroomescapes.com to request a ticket increase. You can only do this after you have purchased all available tickets to the show of your choice. 

For live availability, click Book Now!

All purchases are FINAL. Read & Review all ticket information prior to completion of your booking. You  and your attendees will be held to the Terms & Conditions on your ticket confirmation. These can be read and reviewed prior to your transaction once you have chosen a date.

A link to our waiver is here.  All are required to sign prior to entry. Those under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign for them prior to entry. A link will be provided on your ticket confirmation

Can't decide what show you want to do? Check out OUR SHOWS page for more information!

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Purchase Gift

Gift Purchases never expire, however, if you have a certificate for one of our older shows, please contact us to help move your certificate to our current roster of exciting rooms!