How our company redefines what it means to want to escape from a room

As room escapes become more popular around the world, Raleigh Room Escapes is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what it means to really want to escape a locked room. Unlike our competitors, upon arrival, we offer a full immersion into the world of escape where ticket holders are the protagonists in exciting plots that evolve differently according to group personality and past experience. Meet and greet your escape team either for the first time, or all over again, prior to entering the room. Once inside, prepare your mental strength for survival as you tackle clues, puzzles, and riddles that will get your mind racing and your adrenaline flowing. Bring your friends, family, and co-workers and prepare to see a side of them you may not have seen before while you laugh, fret, and beam with pride as you work together solving riddles and racing against the clock to escape!

Structurally, as the groups go through the rooms, all they have to worry about is the escape and as they're having fun, our trained staff will also be analyzing them on their team work skills in communication, problem-solving, and working under stress. At the end of each show, all information will be given in a way that's both productive and fun! This is something only offered by Raleigh Room Escapes as we are creating a comprehensive sociological and psychological analysis you can take back with you! This is not only something that can be quantified in the bullpen or boardroom for a corporate setting, but a fun memory to keep with friends or family! 

As if THIS weren't enough, while our competitors only offer an hour long experience in a room, we offer a well rounded 90 minute production that starts upon entry, moves to the escape room, and ends in your group's personal "curtain call."