Gather 'round for a pint, and maybe something else...

Be transported to the old country in the first mobile pub in NC, generously sponsored by Pulse Venture, Inc.! Let our bartender Mr. O'Shaughnessy take you back to the land of Eire; what might you be in the mood for? Maybe a pint of "The Black Gold?" A classic Irish whisky neat or on the rocks? A toxic nerve agent set to cease all automatic body functions within a half-hour? So many options! Ideal for those looking for team building without having to leave the office, those wanting something new and unique for their banquet, gala, wedding, or birthday, or draw guests to your restaurant. 

Quick Facts Of The Watering Hole

Read through and if there are updates to go over, our events manager will be sure to fill you in once you've completed the contact form below!

What makes it mobile? It's a trolley! With a room escape inside!
Number Of Players: 4-5 suggested, up to 6 by request
Price Per Person: $20-25
Minimum Of Shows Required To Book: 2
Radius of Mobility: 10 miles from Raleigh Room Escapes is free, up to 40 miles at $1 per mile both ways (see * below)
Time In Room: 30 minutes
Turn Around Time (see ** below):  15 minutes
Age Restrictions: 8+ up can play
Sensory Awareness: theatrical lights & sounds, close quarters, dim lights, you will be asked to drink a small helping of water mixed with food coloring upon arrival. 
Location: Up to and within 40 miles of Raleigh Room Escapes. That means that so long as we can park in a legal location we can show up to your business, residence, or restaurant! 
Target: Whether it's your first time doing a room escape or you're an old vet, this room offers action, challenge and immersion to all who enter!

*Quick reference for how far away surround cities are from us. To calculate the exact distance we are from you, go to Google Maps.

  • Research Triangle Park: 18 miles; $16 total for travel costs
  • Cary: 11 miles; $2 total for travel costs
  • Durham: 24 miles; $28 total for travel costs
  • Apex: 16 miles; $12 total for travel costs
  • Chapel Hill: 28 miles; $36 total for travel costs
  • Hillsboro: 28 miles; $36 total for travel costs
  • Wake Forest: 16 miles; $12 total for travel costs

** Turn Around Time

"Turn around time" is the time we need in between shows in order to reset from the previous group and check-in the next group. An example: between the hours of 9:15 am and 4:15 pm we can have 12 shows (4-5 participants each) back to back with 15 minutes in between each. This will cater to at minimum 48 participants and at maximum 60 participants. within the 8 hour work day. More than 61 participants? We can work to find a time to come back within the week!

A Note On Our Analysis

Please note that our general corporate team building analysis is included within the ticket price of $20 per participant, however, that is only for a full debrief at the end of all sessions (depending on time, we can come back after a full day's session to address the entire group). For a debrief following each session there is an added time of 10 minutes per session with an additional $2 per person. The Full Verbal and Written Analysis (as explained on our Team Building Page) can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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Reminder: 4-8 per session; minimum requirement of 2 sessions with at least 6 tickets purchased for each (a total of 12 tickets). Maximum number of participants can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
Do you have parking for a trolley the size of a small bus at your desired location? *
This cannot be on a busy road, fire lane, large hills, etc.
Do you have an outlet we can use for 1 extension cable? *
If you do not, we may be able to work with you according to how many shows you're looking to book. We do have a small generator that is set to last us at least 2 shows.
If you have further questions, please be specific so that we may better answer them with efficiency. If you require a phone call, they must be scheduled in advance and we will still request that you include questions within your email so that the call can be most productive.