room/puzzle difficulty: ★★★★★
Immersion quality: ★★★★☆
Theatrics: ★★☆☆☆

You're safe once inside! At least...that's what was said...

The future is uncertain and you can be offered the security of the Stronghold Version 1.8. The Stronghold Version 1.8 is a restored bomb shelter originally built during the Cold War. Since then, it has remained equipped with all that you and your group of chosen survivors will need in order to survive whatever tragedies that may come about,  including the reprogrammed AI, ANGI. Book your ticket and get a chance to experience this revolutionary bunker first hand...and pray nothing goes wrong on the inside during your trial period...

Quick Facts Of Stronghold

Number Of Players: 2-4
Price Per Person: $25; $100 for full room/private show
Time In Room: 45 minutes
Age Restrictions: 10+ up can play
Sensory Awareness: theatrical lights & sounds, close quarters, some dust, dim lights
Location: 1500 Brookside Dr. Raleigh NC 27604
Target: Whether it's your first time doing a room escape or you're an old vet, this room offers action, challenge and immersion to all who enter!

Not Sold? See what our reviewers have to say!

"This isn't your normal run of the mill escape room companies. Raleigh Room Escapes is a tour de force when it comes to your experience. From the moment your experience begins you are drawn in and totally immersed." Damian C. via Tripadvisor

"This facility is astounding and puts on a fantastic show. I highly recommend for a date night, family outing, or corporate team building exercise. " Cassandra C. via Yelp

"Super well put together, extremely fun and exciting. The people running it are wonderful too - it's excellent in every regard!" Erik M. via Facebook

"What a complete blast! Take your smart and communicative friends, or the people you wouldn't mind sacrificing." Christine R. via Tripadvisor

"Fantastic and engaging experience, our instructor and mentor Jay was extremely hilarious and very helpful. His ability to observe and analyze is supremely accurate, would not have changed a single thing." Bissan B. via Yelp